I’m Edgaras Slezas. I Love technology and automation.

I’ve loved technology for as long as I can remember. I made my first website when I was about 14. I started my first Minecraft server when I was 16, which turned out to be a seven figure (in NOK) business.

Minecraft was a gateway to learning about linux servers and management of a 30+ person team, including developers, designers and customer support. I was really lucky to work with extremely smart people at a young age who guided me in the right direction. Some of those people now work at Google, Microsoft and IBM.

Container technology such as Docker was a game changer. When I first heard about Docker back in 2015, I learned everything there was to learn about it. Containers were a solution to one of most annoying issues, dependencies. Whether it was linux packages or dev environments.

Since I learned about Docker, I’ve started to run everything inside of containers. If an image didn’t exist, I took time to properly implement one. Majority of my images are open sourced and documented on my GitHub, which oftentimes helps others solve same issues.