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GmodHQ is a network of Garry's Mod servers. The website is built with Preact using TypeScript. API is written in Golang for advanced leaderboards and user profiles. Inventories and user statistics are updated in real time using Redis.

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Garry's Mod is a game similar to Minecraft due to it being a sandbox game, with the ability to create anything. Due to the success of the CowCraft minecraft server network, GmodHQ was born. Development team from CowCraft was brought in to develop the most advanced Garry's Mod server network. After assessing current Garry's Mod servers, the largest ones were quite simple and no Garry's Mod server networks even existed in the game.

The main idea was to develop multiple Garry's Mod servers, each running a different gamemode. Total of 6 servers were developed and connected with shared MariaDB and redis for ranks, player inventory and various statistics. Such a set-up had never been done by others on Garry's Mod till this day. The goal of GmodHQ was to become the largest and most popular server on the game. The network profited by selling in-game cosmetics and ranks with various perks. The cosmetics were synced between all of the servers, which had never been done before either. GmodHQ is currently in on and off development due to time constraints and other projects taking priority.


The frontend of GmodHQ leaderboards and user profiles were developed using Preact and TypeScript. The API pulling user inventories, statistics and ranks was developed using Golang and redis. Achieving near real time updates on leaderboards and user profiles. The custom gamemodes and addons were developed using Lua.

The whole GmodHQ network is run on Singlbit's infrastructure using Docker.


Main page of a quick overview of top three players.

GmodHQ leaderboards

Leaderboards list of all users.

GmodHQ leaderboards

User profiles

User profile with user specific statistics and cosmetics inventory.

GmodHQ user profiles