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NetsGo is a start-up providing web development and IT solutions to other companies. NetsGo provides Wordpress solutions including development, hosting, maintenance and backups. Furthermore, NetsGo develops websites in frameworks such as VueJs and React. Support and maintenance for various IT solutions are also provided.

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NetsGo was officially founded in early 2021 by five students with the goal of helping companies with web development and IT solutions. NetsGo's main source of income is development, hosting and maintenance of Wordpress websites. However, NetsGo also develops websites in various web frameworks such as VueJs and React. The initial NetsGo's strategy was aggressive pricing to beat competition and to attract more customers. The current company's goal is a development of a new company's website which will include a new design and portfolio showcase.


All of the NetsGo's infrastructure is run in Docker containers, including customers' websites. In addition NetsGo runs a multilayer backup infrastructure, taking backups of all customer's data every 24 hours. Backups are stored on a dedicated backup server, which are periodically backed up to AWS S3 buckets. NetsGo's website was developed in VueJs using TypeScript and TaildwindCSS.